05.05.10 | Aviation Display Sign agreement with JTC

Aviation Display Sign agreement with JTC

5th May 2010

For Immediate Release

Aviation Display Ltd is pleased to announce the signing of a Sales and Marketing Agreement with Jet Technology Centre (JTC).

After careful analysis of prevailing market conditions Aviation Display has identified key development opportunities for the company in overhaul and repair to complement our existing business.

As a well established company operating in the same technology sphere, JTC is well positioned for an association with Aviation Display and this agreement will add additional and valuable support to our customer base.

Some details about JTC.

Established 2004
Total Facility 325,000 sq ft, 300,000 in UK and 25,000 sq ft in Ireland.
Total employees 148 ( 122 UK / 26 Ireland)
Total Sales $42m 2008
Group of companies

o TMW- CF6,JT9D,JT3D Engine Repair and Overhaul facility
o TCW Engine Piece part repair development and component repair
o TAMRO- aircraft and engine structures, wheels and brake overhaul facility
o TAMRO Logistic- PHB Nose to tail and logistic support
o JTC-Accessory Repair and Overhaul facility, including safety equipment .

o ISO 9001

Copies of all approvals are available on request.

We have attached a listing of basic CFM56 repair and overhaul capability and fixed price repair and overhaul. Currently Aviation Display is working on setting up an exchange pool of parts to support the attached listing.

Aviation Display will operate a one stop shop for all of these parts just send the parts directly to us and we will look after the rest.

For further details contact sales@aviationdisplay.com TEL +353-1-8900400

Known Consignor Irish Aviation Authority ISO 9001 Registered Firm FAA AC0056A CERT