Power by The Hour

Aviation Display can provide a full and total support programme for the small to medium sized airline. This programme can be customised to each customer's requirements.

We have found that individual airlines like to tailor certain aspects of this programme to suit their requirements. We at Aviation Display pride ourselves on providing the best possible programme to meet these needs.

Our programme includes the following:-

  • Rotable package on customer site.
  • Repair and overhaul management.
  • Exchange programme.
  • Consumable/Expendable package on customer site.
  • Landing Gear management support.
  • Engine support.
  • Position of engineering and material personnel on customer site.
  • Dedicated customer support, from Aviation Display's Dublin facility.
  • Charge by Flight Hour.
  • Customised package by section or ATA Chapter.
  • APU support.

Any of the above elements can be customised to meet the requirements of the airline and the charge on a flight hour. This allows an accurate cost of maintenance and support to be established for the airline.

e: sales@aviationdisplay.com
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